Thursday, August 9, 2012

What hurts the most.

I wish~

This 1Sept.
I dont wanna be my self anymore.
I wanna be somebody else.
Because,me,my self,
I'm fall so easily.
When i love someone,
i give half of myself for them.
I give half of my spirit for them.
I give half of my soul for them,
And when there're gone,or i'm leaving.
I'm not my self anymore.
Because apart of me will always be with them.
And it's took 
and times for me to be 
myself again.
And it's always me,the one who being left.
instead of the one who leaving.
It's always me,who still have those love towards them.
I should accept the fact,

I wish i could be the one who turn away first,
i wanna know how do they feel.
it's great to left the one who love you?
Dont u feel pity towards them.
Dont u know how to appreciated them for giving all they hve for u?
Dont u know they are wasting their time just to spend it with u.
And you throw it away.
It's feel like u are half alive.
U're dying inside actually.
but u r pretending like nothings happen.
It's ironic isn't ?