Thursday, August 9, 2012

What hurts the most.

I wish~

This 1Sept.
I dont wanna be my self anymore.
I wanna be somebody else.
Because,me,my self,
I'm fall so easily.
When i love someone,
i give half of myself for them.
I give half of my spirit for them.
I give half of my soul for them,
And when there're gone,or i'm leaving.
I'm not my self anymore.
Because apart of me will always be with them.
And it's took 
and times for me to be 
myself again.
And it's always me,the one who being left.
instead of the one who leaving.
It's always me,who still have those love towards them.
I should accept the fact,

I wish i could be the one who turn away first,
i wanna know how do they feel.
it's great to left the one who love you?
Dont u feel pity towards them.
Dont u know how to appreciated them for giving all they hve for u?
Dont u know they are wasting their time just to spend it with u.
And you throw it away.
It's feel like u are half alive.
U're dying inside actually.
but u r pretending like nothings happen.
It's ironic isn't ?

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Abu Musa r. a memberitakan bahawa Rasulullah s. a. w bersabda: 
"Perbandingan oarang yang berzikir dengan orang yang tidak berzikir adalah seperti oarang yang hidup dengan orang yang mati. Orang yang tidak berzikir itu adalah seperti orang mati."


Think about it :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Picture Overload!(:

miss u guys so muchhhhhh!!! (':

Me Missing you guys so much!

hye there!(: kenalkan ni la classmate sya time dkt uitm p.alam!:)
comel kan ktrg?? hahaha,,
of course la comel,,tgok spe mentor dy,,
tp rasanya xsmua org ada time ni,,a few of us xdpt hadir,,
ni time ktrng picnic,tp tetbe hujan,,hehe,,
tp,xper,,hujan tu rahmat,,tndanya Allah berkati ikatan prsahabatan yg wujud antara ktrg,,^^
nyway,,this is it,, C2 2011/12 
asasi sains puncak alam,,^^


haaaa,,ni zaty,firas and fiza!(:
diorng la girlfriend sya wktu dkt uitm.
comel kan?? xper2,,sya tawu,sya lg comel,,hehe
zaty ni sngt kecik je org nye,,ktrg xrpat sgt time first sem,, 
nk dkt akhir2 sem bru rapat,,
ape2 pun,,i enjoy being fren wif her!thnks yunk!^^ 
and firas ngan fiza ni plak dah mmg kwan baik sjak dr skolah dlu,,
so,once sya baik ngan fiza,automatically firas also become my bestfriend!
diorg la kwan yg slalu teman aku tgok music bank stiap ptg jumaat,,hehe
i miss them so much^^
fiza n firas,if u reading this, please noe that i luv both of u so much,,
thnks for everything u had done to me,,


This is syaza! my best buddy!(:
she always know how to mke me smile when i'm sad,
she's a happy-go-lucky-girl,,
dy someone yg sgt comel!surely~
and i'm happy being with her,,she always tke cre of me,,
i juz cant decribe how kind she is,
syaza,,bear in ur mind that, no matter what i'm always here to b ur frend,
and u'll always be my best buddy!^^
me luv u so much!


and this is Fara Diyana!:))
she's a kind and caring person!
she's also the one yg bnyk introduce new thing and places to me,,^^
and da best is,,ktrng slalu gosip sama2,,hahaha
well,,that's what a girl always do right?
xde la smpai tahap mngumpat,,sembang2 je,,right fara??


i think that's all what i wanna write here today! actually bnyk benda nk tulis,
tp nnt korg xlarat nk baca pulak,,
there's a lot of memories we've made together,,
and i'm sure it wont fade from our minds and hearts,,
i luv you guys sooooo muchhh!(:
thnks for being a part of my life~

"Beginnings are usually scary, 
and endings are always hard, 
but it's everything in between,
 that makes it worth living"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Allah will never let you down~

Friends are Forever

“Sebaik baik sahabat di sisi Allah ialah orang yang terbaik terhadap temannya dan sebaik baik jiran di sisi Allah ialah orang yang terbaik terhadap jirannya. ” (Hadis riwayat al- Hakim) 

they said, Friend are Forever,,
so plissss,,appreciate ur friend,,
no matter how bad they are,,they still friend
and if one day,, u didnt meet them anymore,,
keep them in ur Doa',,,

mood: missing all my friend,,wish u to see u again one day,,

Monday, April 2, 2012


"Sampaikanlah dariku, walau sepotong ayat"

so,,sma2 la kita kongsi ilmu yang kita ada!:) jgn jd kedekut yer,,hehe ^^