Friday, June 24, 2011

Standing in the eyes of the worlds,,,~

Assalamualaikum!!! helllllloooooooooo,,,,anybody home?? :)
 it's me again,,aifa!! waaaahh,,i miss you guys so much!!! it's been a really long time i've not been updating my blog,,:) well,,i'm VIP,,very very very important person,,got a lots of work to do,,~

well,,today is friday,,it's a windy day this morning,,and now it's quite hot,,do you guys know where in this world i am??? i'm at UITM Puncak Alam ryte now,,in my bedroom inside my house,,:) i just finished my class just now,,actualy it's not really a class,,it's a tutorial class which we did a quizes,,Chemistry Quizes,,
there's about 10 question which will give us 20 marks,,i can do it,,and you know what?? i finished it earlier than others,,for three times i check all my calculation,,and after that,,it's time up!
i went out from my class and all my friends were like talking to each other,,someone said to me it's a hard question,,then i said,"owh,,really??" after that i heard a few of my classmate also said the same thing,,
and then i started to think.."oh my god! it's true that question is a hard question?? because i answer it easily,,or is it me the one who did it in wrong way??" huhuhu,,:(
just wait for next week,,and we'll get the answer,,hehe,,

ok then,,finished with the quizes,,lets move to this UITM,,:) hve u guys came here before?? or seen it anywhere in website?? no???? not even once??? or u guys never heard about it?? haha,,
never mind,,~with me,,i hve upload a few picture of uitm puncak alam for you guys to see,,who knows,, one day,,you guys will come here to visit me,,:) or mybe,,you guys will come to continue ur study here:)
"Que Sera Sera,,the future is not ours to see,,,,"

andddddd,,,,,here is it,,,,~

 do you guys enjoy it???? :) well,,this uitm situated on top of a hills,,so it's surounded by greeneries,, everyday i have to walk down a 284 "anak tangga" to faculty,,and went back on the same way,,, what??? do i feel tired??? nnnooooo,,,,,,just on the first week,,,but after that,,u'll get used with it,,:)

well,,,that's all  from me,,,thank you!!!

  P/s: actually i dont know what to write here,,,i just type anything that cross my mind,,hehe,,sorry for this bad entri,,,~


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