Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's for you,,sis,,~

hye there,,,,
it's your birthday,,,
hve a nice one and splending all the year,,

i'm sorry that i didn't wish it straight foward to you,,
saje jer,,:)
just wanna mke it a little bit difference compared to all the person who wished you,, :)
if you found my blog,,then you gonna find this birthday wishes,,>_<
see,,,special ryte??
mna ada orng pnah buat mcm ni,,kn,,hehe

tp what if u didnt found my blog??
hhmmm,,x per la,,i'll give you a hint,,hehe,,
ala,,,if u reading it now,,it's mean,,u had already found it la,,
ish2,,membebel bnyk plak,,sorry2,,:)

so,,again my dear sis,,,
Happy 17th Birthday,,
i know that i've not been such a good senior for you,,
and even we are not connected by blood, relatives or yada yada yada,,,~
but for me,,u r my sis,,:)
i appreciated what u had give to me,,
and thnks for evrythng,,
i miss the moment we spent together,,
and my wish for you,,
may succes and happiness always be with you,,~
love u sis,,,~

May Allah bless you,,guide you,,and protect you always and always,,~


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