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hye guys...for those who wants to get know abaout JPA scholarship can read this was written by someone who had experienced it..~may it bcome usefull for you...

It was 7:45 am as I arrived at Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Syah (POLISAS), Kuantan yesterday. Luckily, I didn't get lost in this big institute. I went to the hall (Dewan Besar) and waited near the entrance. At 8.00 am, we signed our attendance and went into the hall. There were tables and chairs arranged in rows. We sat and listened carefully to the representative's instruction.

At 8.15 am, we started answering the psychology test. The test paper consisted of 294 questions and the time given was about 45 minutes. Some of the questions include:
1. Saya minat memasang/membina sesuatu peralatan. A Ya B Tidak
2. Saya suka menolong orang yang berada dalam kesusahan. A Ya B Tidak
3. Saya suka bekerja di luar pejabat. A Ya B Tidak
4. Saya dapat memimpin dengan baiknya. A Ya B Tidak
5. Kesihatan dan kekuatan badan adalah sangat penting bagi saya. A Ya B Tidak

After that, we went to the library. We were divided into a group of 8 to 10 students. My group consisted of 8 students. All of them were total strangers to me. We arranged our original and photocopy of the certificates and documents according to the instruction while waiting for our turn. When it was my group's turn, we walked into a discussion room inside the library. Luckily we had time to know each others while waiting outside the room.

In the room, there were two friendly interviewers. First, we had to introduce ourselves in Bahasa Melayu. After that, we started a group discussion on the topic 'Unemployment among Local Graduates'. We were given 5 minutes (3 minutes actually) to prepare some notes on the topic. Then, one of the interviewers asked who of us wanted to start the discussion. I took the initiative and voiced out my points and the discussion began. We had shaken both of the interviewers’ hands before we left the room.

I know I will fail in this interview because my English speaking is terribly poor. I know I made a lot of grammatical mistakes when I spoke. Four other students in my group could speak English fluently while the rest same as me. I will not make any complaint even if I fail since I agree others are better than me. Thanks to JPA!
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