Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's ur gift! ~

Hey there,,yea,,you! it's you,,no! don't look back..not the person behind you.
just now when u said wanna a gift.
i started to think.
what should i give you? 

so.after thinking for a thousand times
i thought i make wrong thing by dealing with u about this.
how can i get there and put a gift beside u??
i wish i had doremon's magic door. so that i can go to ur place..
well.how could i hve that magic door if doremon also does not exist?? TT
its funny.
now i'm stuck ryte here.

i'm sorry because i cannot give u a REAL gift.
but i really hve something for u.
something speacial mybe..

Dear sis..
even u and i have known each other for less than 1 week i think..
thnks for being such a nice person for me.
this is for u~


credit to Blizzard Casper


So,,ada apa2 pesanan untk saya? ^^