Thursday, September 1, 2011

Demi Matahari

well,,,hello there,,again,,i'm here,,hehe
it's kinda long time i've been not updating my blong i guess,,:)
Soo sooooorrryyy,,,
i've been busy with all the assigment,,,tutorial,,,and what so ever calles WORK!!
but now,,,i hve a few minutes to let my self writing a new entri for you guys,my dearest reader,,:)
are you excited????? hehe,,i'm excited!!!

well,,,lets the story begins,,
first of all,,why do i post a video up there???
its a video of a song based on AL-Quran,,
surah as-syam i think,,,
i've heard this song when i went to UITM P.Pauh in Penang,,
its on of the theme song during the MDS,,,:)
at the first time i heard this songs,,i felt like,,
"wow,,nice song!"
and when i try to understand the lyrics,,i found that,,actually this song is based on the Quran,,
my friend said,,it's from surah As-Syam,,:)
try to listen to it,,
i' sure u gonna like it,,
just like me,,,
u know what?? this song hve it own dance,,but sorry,,,,
i cant show it here,,,hehe
go and google for it,,u guys will find out how exactly the dances are,,(^,^)

" Allah mengilhamkan,,sukma kefasikan dan ketaqwaan,,
beruntung bagi yang mensucikannaya,,merugi bagi yang mengotorinya,,,"


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