Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time is Running Out~

it's almost the time. the end of this semester.
we are having our final exam ryte now. 
hope everythng went well.
i'm kinda scared.
but someone said to me.

"Rasa takut tu hanya dtg bila kita terlalu bergntung pd usaha kita"

Yea.she's right.i hve Allah wif me.
for what reason i should feel scared?
Nothing. ALLAH knows the best for me.
i've done my best.just leave the rest for HIM..

Ya Allah.i'm not a good servant for you.i've done a lot of bad things. i disobey u.
and many more. i know how sins i am.but u r the most forgiveness.
please.forgive all the wrong doing that I've done.
help me wif this me to go through it. 
help me to fell calm even the situasion are not allowed me to.
all i hve is just you.nothing more than you.


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