Sunday, September 25, 2011

I started to realise~


Now.i started to realise how beutiful my campus is..
a few days before me and my friend went for a walk around the campus..
and a few picture has been taken while we walk through the road..
enjoy the view~

It's almost the end of the semester.
after 4 moth and counting. now i feel how grateful i am to study here.
Goes to show how we sometimes fail to pay attention to the blessing that we have in front of us.

"Jangan terlalu mngejar keduniaan,,takut akhirat hilang entah kemna.."
tke ur time to enjoy the view and remember,,dont just watch it,,but also think!
How POWERFUL Allah is,,He's the one who created this world for us to live on..
Be GREATFUL frens~


  1. salam,,,,sahabat,,,suka ak tgok blog hang,,tahniah,,sedih la lagu dia,,,ayat2 tu sedap2,,tahniah...terus kan usaha anda,,,

  2. thanks aiyshah!! x sngka hang betul2 singgah kat blog aku,,thanks~ semoga hang pun berjaya dlm dunia blog hng,,~


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